I'm Fighting With Govt For Our Tamil Cinema Future !

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Vishal, the actor-producer who is the general secretary of Nadigar Sangam and also the president of the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC), has said that he had been ‘at war’ with the State Govt. in an effort to get the entertainment tax exempted for all films being released and to be released.

Vishal launched yesterday’s shoot of politician Vaiko’s maiden film as producer titled as Velu Naachiyaar. At the launch of the period-film, Vishal said that he couldn’t make it when Vaiko had invited him to watch the stage-play of Velu Naachiyaar which would soon be made into a film. I couldn’t attend the play in time as I had some pressing commitments with Govt. officials.

“I extend my warm wishes to all those associated with the play and the film to be made. Like Velu Naachiyaar’s struggle, we in the film industry are going through the middle of a struggle in getting the State Govt. to roll back its entertainment tax on films. We are hopeful of a positive response from the Govt. sooner than later.

I’m at war with the State Govt. on the issue without using any weapons. For the sake of the film industry, it would be better for us to succeed in our effort in getting the State to roll-back the entertainment tax,” he said and added that watching the stage-play of Velu Naachiyaar was a kind of ‘stress-buster’ for him.

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